Small Home Repairs  Fresno, CA

For any home repairs in Fresno, CA and the surrounding areas, we have been offering home repairs for 20 years. Fast and trained, our staff members will respond to all of your  needs. We can restore the condition of your property, removing any odors and damage from carpets, upholstery, and other areas. 

Before you panic in these situations, call on Trust RH Construction Inc. to help. We can put your mind at ease and provide the residential or commercial repair services you need to get back on your feet in no time. 

Keep Our Number Handy Incase You Need home repair Services

Make sure you have a reliable, trustworthy company at hand whenever you need water or fire restoration. Write down our phone number so that you can keep it for emergencies. 

After a fire, you may be wondering where you even start. The answer is easy - contact the fire restoration team at Trust RH Construction Inc. serving the Fresno, CA area. A fire in your home can be very devastating. Not only will there be damage from the fire, but other damage from the smoke, smell, and water. When you call our team, we will come out and assess the situation and give you a plan of action. 

By calling us after the disaster, you will be able to salvage more items and reduce the number of repairs. Our team has the experience and equipment needed to help with your fire restoration needs. For more information on our services, please give us a call.